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Because Everyone Loves Trivia.


Music questions spanning 40 years covering the most popular genres including pop, rock, hip hop, rap, country, indie and more.


Test your knowledge with questions from football. basketball, hockey, baseball, Olympic Games, pro tennis, golf, boxing, soccer, and more


Film buffs love Hollywood Trivia, where it’s all about the silver screen. u From the latest Academy Award winners to classic films and everything in between, Hollywood Trivia is a fan favorite!


It’s speed trivia! Long questions, short timer u With less than 10 seconds to answer each difficult question you’ll need to be fast to conqueror this category


Are you up to date on current celebrity gossip, social media stars, and the latest entertainment news? Test your cool factor with these trending “hot-off-the-presses” trivia questions!


Travel around the world with Ultimate Trivia Network! Have fun while you learn about countries, capitals, currencies, cultures, landmarks, & more

Ultimate Trivia Network is fun, family-friendly and addicting! The network is programmed in short blocks of trivia categories with weekly theme blocks such as:

Friday Night Party Blocks

Travel Trivia Tuesdays

Pro Football trivia (Sunday mornings)

You'll also see holiday themed trivia and games for St. Patrick's Day, Valentines Day, Black History Month and more.