Designed to keep your patrons entertained and engaged longer.

Massive Reach and Broad Appeal

Barvanna is a sports & entertainment TV network specially designed to entertain out-of-home viewers and is available on over 3.5 Million screens in the USA and 12,000 internationally.

Don't let the Barvanna name fool you, Barvanna is available in more than just bars and restaurants! You can watch Barvanna in hotel rooms, hospitals, coffee shops, spas & health clubs, retail, medical offices, markets, auto shops, and thousands of other public spaces.

Non-Stop Fun.

Barvanna delivers trivia questions, sports videos, on-screen games, conversation starters and other fun, engaging content designed to compliment other channels typically shown in public spaces.

Don't cut the cord from your cable or satellite provider! Instead, add Barvanna to the entertainment mix in your establishment.

With nonstop, bite size blocks of content, there's always something interesting on Barvanna to keep you entertained!

Channel 9581

Barvanna is available in these locations and many more...

Atlanta - Philadelphia - Trinidad - Miami - Los Angeles
info @ barvanna. com