Barvanna is our flagship sports & entertainment network specially designed for out of home viewing, delivering non-stop, family friendly entertainment.
Barvanna’s unique mix of action sports videos, trivia, on screen games and conversation starters is the perfect addition to any bar, restaurant, health club, hotel, salon and office. Barvanna is an exertainment experience you can’t get at home and is delivered in HD, 24/7 and audio-free, and fully customizable.

EasyVibe.TV provides the healing, calm ambiance we all need on a daily basis. With a soothing mix of relaxing visuals and sounds, each day EasyVibe.TV takes you on a journey of self-exploration. Take a deep breath as you enjoy guided meditations blended with healing tones, sights and sounds of nature, peaceful music, and inspirational quotes. Unwind, focus and reconnect with your inner self though EasyVibe.TV.