Keep Customers Coming Back

Barvanna delivers a fun engaging video experience your customers can't get at home. This means they'll stay longer, spend more and come back sooner!

Perfect for Bars and Restaurants.

Talking Heads on Sports Channels, Again?

In 2020 we saw live sports disappear from the screens in our bars...Even when sports are in season, we often see talking heads on sports channels. Of course you can't turn off those networks - so instead, dedicate one or two TVs to the high quality, custom feed of the Barvanna Network, where there's ALWAYS SOMETHING ENTERTAINING to WATCH!

Barvanna is designed to compliment ESPN and inject a large dose of FUN into the customer experience while encouraging conversation, side by side with all those great sports brands.

Save Time and Drive Sales

Run your business, we'll take care of the rest.

Managing you bar's inventory, pour costs, payroll and the rest of your business is time consuming enough.. Barvanna is designed to provide unique, fresh non stop entertainment for you guests - so you can simply leave it on all day, every day.