Instantly Deliver Digital,
On-Premise Promotions.

Drive Beverage Sales.
Eliminate Printing Costs!

On Premises Influence: Drive Revenue

Targeted, Customizable Promotions

As Barvanna’s partner, you’re able to run video ads and implement geo-targeted advertising and promotions at the point of sale.

Instantly publish your promotional messages to screens in more than 10 countries. Barvanna saves you money by eliminating printed collateral costs and the need for your reps to hand-deliver promotional materials.

ROI Analytics Per Location!

Your beverage marketing & sales 
just got more efficient,
and more targeted.

Lifetime Brand Loyalty is Shaped in On Premise Experiences

Drive brand awareness and loyalty by delivering savvy organic, fun messaging on Barvanna and harvest social proof of engagement.

  • Display digital QR Codes for instant onsite rewards (like merch), and entry to contests and sweepstakes.
  • Conduct on-screen polling, directing viewers to app or website for feedback on new flavors or new products. (Barvanna can post results within one hour).
  • Work with restaurant chains to partner on loyalty programs in all locations driven by on-screen content on Barvanna.